Harvesting technology in the land of opportunities.

India has always been a culturally rich part of the world. Today, the region is burgeoning with hope, energy and a healthy dose of transformation. India is now at a very auspicious time in its evolution and is anxious to move forward. The mother earth that has been sifted and tossed, and is now ready to provide the most fertile opportunity for growth. It is on this soil that seeds find markets.

Already, India is the world's second largest producer of food, with the potential of becoming the biggest in the very near future.

At Farmer brands, we are committed to making this expectation a reality. We aim to provide the Indian food service and hospitality industries with the highest quality, fresh food products with a substantially lower time-to-market. We intend to do this by pioneering new advances in farming, uplifting the Indian rural community and thus becoming primary stakeholders in the development of the Indian agricultural sector.


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