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About Us

Farmer Brands is an organization that is multinational in outlook while being local in its approach. While our food products cater to a large number of countries across the globe, meticulous research into local tastes and preferences ensures that we are in tune with customers in each of our markets.  

  • Farm Fresh : We direct all our efforts towards significantly reducing the time to market of fresh food products so that consumers can enjoy products that are very fresh, right from the farm.  
  • Farmer’s Friend : Our innovative contract farming model is geared towards ensuring that farmers get the best possible yield from their land, thus increasing their income and their standard of living. This will, in turn, ensure the upliftment of India’s farming community and go a long way in making the Indian economy stronger.

We offer innovative, high quality, cost effective solutions to our customers backed up by state-of-the-art technology. Through the complete forward and backward integration of our supply chain, we control the end-to-end manufacturing and hence, the quality of our products. We also provide logistical and infrastructural support to customers in the food service and hospitality industries.

So, come along as we take you through our journey and our future.