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Our Culture

Our professional, yet employee friendly, culture intrinsically juxtaposes responsibility with autonomy and provides the freedom to experiment without the fear of failure. Innovation is at the heart of everything that everyone at Farmer Brands does every day. We are an equal opportunity employer. Farmer Brands is an organization where merit is the sole consideration for career growth and all we expect from each of our employees is a constant quest for excellence.

We are a learning organization, fuelled by complete transparency at all levels, and we deeply believe in the power of great ideas, no matter which level of the organization they come from. Everyone at Farmer Brands has an opportunity, at every stage of their career, to learn, grow, and excel at their work and in their personal life. We understand that a great organization does not steam ahead constantly on the strength of one or two persons but by a diverse set of people driven by a common vision and a common set of beliefs.